non-GTRI Usage

—For projects seeking to use GTRI resources.


This server hosts binary (and possibly source) artifacts produced by the Georgia Tech Research Institute. On this page, you can learn how to configure your own project to use the artifacts contained on this server and who to contact if you need more information.


The artifacts hosted herein are subject to legal restrictions, such as varying licenses and access control policies. It is your responsibility as a user of this server to inspect and adhere to these licenses. GTRI makes no claim as to the availability of this server nor any artifact hosted. GTRI assumes no legal obligation to provide users of this server with these artifacts, nor does it assume any risk involved in using binary artifacts downloaded from this server. No software in this server is guaranteed, and is subject to change at any time.

WARNING Use the artifacts of this server at your own risk.

Available Maven Repositories

This server publishes the following Maven Repositories (and their associated URLs):

Public (
A virtual repository which links all externally accessible content available from GTRI.
Important Please use this repository to access content.
External (
This repository contains all official releases of GTRI produced artifacts. No SNAPSHOTS are contained here. Likewise, there is no 3rd party binaries, just artifacts produced here at GTRI.
External-Snapshots (
This repository contains SNAPSHOTS of GTRI produced artifacts. Similar to External, there is no 3rd party binaries, just artifacts produced here at GTRI.
WARNING Use caution with this server, as SNAPSHOTS tend to change rapidly and are inherently unsafe to use.
Third-Party-Public (
This party contains software developed by third parties which GTRI software uses. GTRI does not claim ownership of this software, and is hosting it for the ease of use for GTRI artifacts. If you notice a copyright violation, please contact GTRI immediately to get the artifact removed.

Configuring Your Project

Assuming you wish to use maven, then here is a code snippet you can put into your POM file to resolve all GTRI artifacts:


Who to Contact

For any questions or comments about this server, such as technical support, please contact