GTRI Maven Server

—A tool for building and managing any Java-based project.

How should you use the GTRI Maven Server?

GTRI Usage

If you are an employee of GTRI and would like to find out more about the GTRI Maven Server and how it can help your project, please click here.

GTRI Internal Usage

non-GTRI Usage

If you are a non-GTRI user who would like to use artifacts contained in the GTRI Maven server, click here to learn how to configure your own maven projects.

non-GTRI External Usage


A standard build system across a team is one of the main benefits that Maven can bring to a project. With clean conventions, a nice project structure, a highly modular system, and world class reporting with minimal effort, Maven seems an obvious choice.

Apache Maven


Artifactory allows for full control over all the build artifacts and third-party dependencies that a project may require, and it even allows for the sharing of repositories throughout a multi-team environment regardless of physical location.

Apache Maven